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Through the streets runs pure darkness
Let loose upon the horrors of a forgotten tomorrow.
One girl cannot bear to watch
Cursing rain with tears of sorrow.
Has she forgotten all that is bright?
To the ghastly shrew and her morbid ways.
Screaming murder. Echoing shouts.
Take a bow my dear,
For once the night hath fallen
There may be no way out.
The moment her soul devours
One drop of stolen rain
Will be the same she cowers.
Dark years. Forbidden stains.
Behind the darkened stair well,
Beneath the withering trees
She reads sonnets of heart-felt remorse.
Crying out all of her tears
And praying for a rebirth.
Lying still, she sleeps out loud,
But silent are the depths of her contemptment
As an ill-forboding truth lives out
The life of her resentment.
The lightning strikes the earth
She's taken all her days for granted.
Will she be revived on a cloudless morning?
To her empty eyes these pale blue skies
May reveal an end to heaven's mourning.

Stale memories fading in. Thoughts bare.
I swear by innocence your name was lost to me.
I killed the past. Buried your face. Ungrateful.
Filled in the space with something so fake.
Fade it out. I lost my hue. Now I'm losing you.
Broken veins. Ancestors maimed.
Their skulls, etched in blood.
Can we gain from their loss?
Immunity from raw emotion,
A pure hell, Priceless at any cost.
Sacrifice everything for just one drink.
Taste this burning fountain.
This is real. This is trust.
Let the flames devour us.
Lost in the dark between two daunting days.
Consumed souls ablaze.
But faith in you is still kept by a few.
Come, give it all away just to stop.
Lets disappear. Inflict fear for comfort.
Hold back the warm rain as it bleeds from your face.
A new son will rise when the next day breaks.
I will call it life cause he will living.
Throw down my doubts for me and rise.
I'll know you're by my side
When I feel like I am dying.

Past mistakes provoke a broken heart.
Shattered surroundings unveil false starts.
So the cycle is revealed,
No longer conceiled by denial.
Our retreat brings us back to burn
And its your turn.
Now its your turn.
When realization dawns we see
Only dark dreams weaving.
And we view whats left
As we fall into these burning depths.
Our fiery souls --
lose control.
Who will awake when the savior comes?
Who will remain unscathed?

In my sleep I dream of the day
That I'll have you at arms-length.
I can't find my way through the darkness
Without the breeze you leave in your wake.
How can I venture towards another day-break
With you thinking I'm just another fake.
Without your glowing gaze buried inside my mind
Until the end of time. I'll wait until the end of time.
If the stars were ours
I'd write your name on the sun
And put it in my pocket.
Cleansed by your warmth.
Walking in your fires.
I'm buried in your heart.
Burning lonely pyres no more.
No more.
One decisive day death won't keep me away.
Encircle my grounds in your light.
Take all regrets from my mind.
Don't stray from my side,
Don't hide and the truth will decide
Together we're both still alive,
But we still won't know what it means.

Tear away the doors locked without a key.
Feeling so free. I'll shudder near the shores
When i recall that night with you beneath the stars.
From far away they glowed just like your TV screen.
Hold me close so I can feel your disease.
I'll let it seep right into me.
Will you do the same? We'll make this a fair exchange.
For once in my life i think i've found what i've been looking for
and its so strange cuz for once i wasn't looking at all.
If i call out to you when the fallout seems to reach my room
Can i assume you'll see me through?
I'll put my foot on unwelcome sounds.
Coming up. Pulling down from deep beneath the lowest ground
They pound their fiercest jealousy cause you came to me. YOU came to me. I'll forever be in disbelief.
Something has sent me to retrace my steps.
I swear I'll look back for you. I guess thats what i do best. And you'll look to me. I'll appear so clear through your eyes.
I'm sitting by the shore again.
Our memories speaking through this pen
And i intend to write it all down for you.
So you can see all the times,
All those times my tears struck the floor
Cause i could feel you in my veins.
Still, i feel things just the same.
Retraced steps.
Retraced steps lead me back to you.

Whispers in the night air
Showed me how to part the sea.
A fallen body.
Echoes slowly in the sight of an untouchable hand.
Who was I back then?
Whats under this sand that I rest my feet upon?
When I dig in too deep will I disappear?
Will I ever find you my dear?
Can I drown out my sorrow with sleep
If I never find your comfort to keep?
Be still, I'll keep every kind word you mutter,
Close to my heart.
And feel every rock you throw
Crushing this soul for spare parts.
A soul I cannot spare.
Thats half my life right there.
But I'm still as unaware as the day before.
When nothing picked at my skin.
When hell couldn't find a way to soak in.
I couldn't lose, but I couldn't win.
Maybe this is for the best.

Day in and day out
I'm searching for some truth
And praying you'll help me out.
Help me pull myself together,
And take away the doubt in my mind.
Don't you see whats happening?
Can't you see whats happening?
Do you feel me pass by
A hundred times in a day.
Hoping to catch your eye,
Wanting to touch your face for one second.
Look up.
Am I in the right place?
I feel you somewhere, not too far away.
You can't even sleep tonight.
You're wondering if you'll ever find your someone thats right.
You're crying.
You're wondering why you still try,
When all you get is lie upon lie.
You know his eyes never were sincere.
Did he ever hold you close
To help drive away your fears?
You don't see me but I'm here.
I'm here.
I'm here.

How could one man be so stuck up?
I'm so fed up.
Gonna squint my eyes 'till you go away
Until you see the light of day.
How can you say you know what lifes about
When all you care about is the next big craze?
I'll stick your heart inside a maze.
Squeeze it once, and watch the blood
Pour out the ends.
You're gonna feel it if you're pretending.
I wanna see you pretend when theres no happy ending.
You bought the look,
But in my book you're going nowhere.
And thats okay with me.

You ask me for just one smile.
I promise I'll give it my all.
Yes, I would give you my all
If you were there to receive,
Take one breath, then just bleed
The life right outta me.
I can't conceive what is still in store
Once this body has hit the floor.
How can you expect a smile out of me
When I'm watching you cry?
I'm feeling you bleed on the inside
Just like me.
Just like me.
And there is nothing I can do to sort out this
Mess of a life that can't be sorted through.
And I'm missing you,
I'm missing you again.
I'm tired of everything.
So tired of being alone.
But I won't
     Pull you down.
          Cause you claim your already there.
               I just hope
                    That you've found
                         A smile for the both of us.  

ALL LYRICS by D.Blyth COPYRIGHT (C) 2002 AS WE FALL, all rights reserved.